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Pauline Quirke Academy Dartford

(2020 - present)​

Drama Tutor - Teaching drama at the weekly academy to 120 young people aged between 4 - 18.




(2019 - present)​

Drama Facilitator - Tender works to prevent domestic and sexual violence in the lives of young people using drama and the creative arts. In school workshops which promote healthy relationships based on equality and respect.



Half Moon Theatre

(2018 - present)​

Youth Theatre Lead - Simon leads 3 of the weekly Youth Theatre groups. Eclipse ages 7 - 11, Lunar ages 11 - 14 and Orbit ages 14 - 18. Simon delivers 10 week terms leading to a devised performance as well as 2018 and 2020 'Heritage Project' performances. More info click here.


Drama Facilitator - Speech Bubbles, a primary school drama intervention supporting children's speech, language & communication needs, ages 5-7.

Drama Facilitator - Dramatic Maths SEN workshops, engaging young people in Maths through storytelling.

Drama Facilitator - Simon devised and directed a short play about the impact of social media with local home schooled children, aged 11.


Pegasus Opera/Brixton Learning/Windmill Cluster

(2018 - 2019)

Drama Lead - Paul Hamlyn Foundation Teacher Development Fund - Confident Creators: Lead Artist for Drama CPD working alongside 20 teachers embedding the arts in the curriculum whilst exploring growth mindset.


A New Direction & Nimble Fish

(2017 - 2019)​

Writer & Facilitator - TATE Year 3 Project - In partnership with the TATE & Steve McQueen, Simon co-wrote the creative resources for this project and delivered creative workshops exploring Identity, Community and Aspirations. More info click here.


Drama Facilitator - My Creative School, supports the delivery of curriculum relevant creative activity in schools. Simon created the 'Game of Life', a whole school interactive game inspired by our human values, embedding the arts into the whole school curriculum. More info click here.

Drama Lead - Creative Play & Drama. Simon led CPD sessions on using the arts in the classroom.​

London Bubble Theatre

(2017 - 2019) ​

Drama Facilitator - Speech Bubbles, a primary school drama intervention supporting children's speech, language & communication needs, ages 5-7.​ More info click here.

​Emergency Exit Arts

(2016 - 2019)

Drama Lead - Teacher INSET - A session with primary school teachers on how they can use drama in the classroom.


Drama Facilitator - The Curiosity Cabinet - A KS2 creative learning project which Inspires creative writing through hands on enquiry based learning – toured to local schools, National Maritime Museum and Greenwich Heritage Centres. More info click here.

Drama Facilitator - The Maritime Memories Machine – In partnership with the National Maritime Museum, Simon toured an ice cream van around the UK collecting stories and peoples experiences of the sea through a variety of creative activities.

Drama Facilitator - Arts Champions - Weekly sessions with a group of 11-15 year old young people. The aim was to inspire the next generation of artists and ignite their creative development, experience and understanding of the arts, in addition to supporting them in their secondary school transfer. 


Drama Facilitator - Hanuman – Simon devised and delivered a creative learning programme based on Hanumans Tale. In class primary drama sessions focusing on creative literacy and storytelling.


(2015 - 2019)

Co-Founder & Director - Simon founded an arts company called LoudLearning. They brought learning to life through Drama and Music workshops, Teacher CPD, and Co-Created projects. LoudLearning, over 4 years delivered a variety of specialist projects to young people aged 4 – 18. These included; Junk Instrument Making, Bucket Drumming, Drama workshops & Secondary School Transition projects. They  also wrote and delivered 2 interactive shows which toured to primary schools. One titled ‘I am a Soundwave Get Me In Your Ear’ which explored the science of sound and another titled ‘The Drum Factor Live’ which focused on music making.  This was a huge success, visiting over 300 primary schools and settings across London and Kent, working with over 10,000 young people.


The Lyric Theatre

(2017 - 2018)

Drama Facilitator – After school drama sessions and creative drama workshops at the theatre.

Greenwich & Lewisham Young Peoples Theatre

(2016 - 2017)

Youth Theatre Lead -  Over the course of a year, Simon delivered 3 of the weekly youth theatre groups. Ages 5 - 16.

Make Believe Arts

(2012 - 2017)

Drama Facilitator - Helicopter Stories Technique – A story telling and story acting approach for children aged 2-7.

Drama Facilitator - Times Of Transition - Weekly drama sessions with 11- 14 year old children to help them with their transition from primary to secondary using cameras and blogging.

Drama Facilitator - Curiosity Children’s Conference – A conference which is specifically geared towards giving KS2 children a platform to imagine, entertain and articulate their own musings and unanswerable questions.

Summer School Lead - A whole summer of delivering creative activities and trips for 11 - 14 year olds to support transition to secondary.

Drama Facilitator - Restorative Approaches - A session which provided children with a technique to resolve conflict effectively.

Freshwater Theatre

(2012 - 2017)

Drama Facilitator - An Island Home -  Geography drama workshop for KS1.

Drama Facilitator - Marvelous Maths - Maths drama workshop for KS1 looking at numbers and shapes.

Drama Facilitator - Great Fire of London – History drama workshop for KS1 & KS2.

Drama Lead - Teacher CPD – A Session working with teachers on how they can use drama in the classroom.

The V & A Museum


Writer & Facilitator - Da Vinci Pop Up - Co wrote and presented an interactive pop up performance for families based on the life of Da Vinci.


Chango Drama

(2013 - 2014)

Drama Coordinator - Drama Force - Simon devised and delivered Chango Music’s first ever immersive drama workshop aimed at foreign students across the UK to improve their spoken English and drama skills. Ages 8 - 20.

​Other Companies Include:

Spanner In the Works, Almeida Academy, City of London, Thames Barrier, Discover Children's Story Centre, Paddington Development Trust, Onatti Theatre, Unique Voice Theatre.